College Budget Christmas Gifts

With finals wrapping up and winter break approaching, many students are left with one thing in mind, “crap Christmas is around the corner and I still need to get everybody gifts!” No worries here are some cute Christmas gift ideas that will only cost your time rather than your entire wallet.


Photo Collage

Looking for a gift for your significant other or bestie? Here’s an idea, scroll through your recent photos and print out a couple of your favorite pictures with them. CVS allows you to print high-quality photos for at most a few dollars, plus they even offer delivery if you find yourself running short on time. All that’s left is a simple collage frame from Goodwill or another thrift store/convenience shop, and you have yourself a sweet meaningful gift. This is sure to leave a smile on your loved one’s face as you recaps your favorite memories spent together this year.


Thoughtful Coupons

Everyone has either heard or used this idea at some point as that last minute gift for your special someone. But this can actually be a very sweet gift if you spend an extra minute or two to decorate the coupons. You can color scheme them to your partner’s/friend’s favorite color or holiday season, either way, they won’t want to turn down a one minute massage or a quality home-cooked meal.


Meaningful Poem/Story

If you’re coming up short on cards, no need to sweat it, just grab some colored construction paper or even a blank one and get creative. If you’re an artist at heart, maybe draw each other’s bit emoji on the front with a cute poem about how much you love the color of their eyes or that time you guys hiked up that crazy mountainside on the back. But if you’re really pressed for time, just print a photo of each other being silly and write about what captivated you the most when you first met. If it’s your friend maybe elaborate on how their quirky personality made road trips much more memorable.


Get to Baking

You can never go wrong with a delicious thinking of you. Make a quick pit stop to your closest grocery store, gather up some cookie making ingredients, and mix and match some Christmas cookies with some good old original chocolate chip. Top it all off with a decorative plate to hold all your appetizing treats, maybe add a bow or two, and you have yourself a merry little dessert platter.


I hope this gave you some inspiration for cheering up your loved ones this Christmas with a couple of low budget gift ideas. Have a happy holidays and keep on saving!


All photos courtesy of Google Images.