The Best Movies to Watch During the Month of October

October is one of my favorite months, the leaves start to change, and the air becomes crisp, what gets better than that? One of the greatest holidays in October is Halloween, which is a day where you dress up and have fun! I watch movies all the time, but there is something special about watching a Halloween movie. I prefer the Disney channel Halloween movies because they are so nostalgic. I’m going to tell you what Disney channel Halloween movies are a must-see during October. 

1. Halloween Town  

This movie was a staple in my house, I always walked around pretending I was a witch! “Halloween town” is fun and cute take on Halloween and is perfect for people who enjoy all things Halloween without the scare. 

2. The Little Vampire

“The Little Vampire” is about a boy who becomes friends with a vampire and helps save the vampire’s family. This movie is so underrated, but in my opinion it’s one of the best Disney channel movies ever made.

3.  Tower of Terror 

"Tower of Terror" is based off of the Disney Parks ride, Hollywood Tower Terror. Be warned, it has no connection to the Twilight Zone episode. A journalist and his niece head to the hotel to see if the stories of ghosts are true. Find out for yourself and watch this classic made-for-tv movie!

These are just a few of the movies that I watch throughout the Halloween season. These movies are scary, but they have just enough Halloween cheer to get your ready for Halloween. 


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