Babysitting Ideas That Will End Boredom

There’s nothing on TV, the kids are tired playing with their toys and they are now seriously getting on your last nerve. You’ve lost track of how many times a tiny human has asked you questions like “Why is the sky blue?” and “What time is it?” and “When are my mommy and daddy coming home?” All you want to do is finish your calculus homework in peace. But nope, you’re babysitting tonight. You will have a headache before the end of the night that will render you from finishing that calculus homework.

Never fear, Pinterest is here! I’ve gleaned some of the best babysitting ideas I’ve found on the internet to bust boredom. The kids will want you to come back any babysit again and again…maybe it will be enough to get a raise.

Pom-Pom Racing

Get some painters’ tape and map out two identical tracks on the kitchen floor. Blow air through a straw to move the pom-pom. If the pom-pom goes out-of-bounds, the player must restart! First pom-pom to reach the finish line wins.


Face the Cookie

This game takes skill and coordination. Place a cookie on your forehead. Using only your facial muscles, you must move the cookie from your forehead into your mouth without dropping the cookie. If the cookie falls on the floor, don’t use it again! The five-second rule has been disproved you know.


Cereal box puzzles

This is for the little ones. Take some old cereal boxes and cut them up for cheap puzzles!


Spy Training

All you need for this game is some yarn. Set a continuous length of yarn around the house, wrapping it around items like couches, doorknobs and rungs on the stairs. The yarn will act like “lasers” that the kids won’t be allowed to touch. They must navigate their way through without touching the yarn.


Rainbow Pancakes

Although this isn’t suitable for dinner, it can definitely be dessert! Prepare boxed pancake mix according to the directions. Pour some mix into several different bowls. Add food coloring to each bowl and stir. Cook pancakes like normal.

*Added bonus: Pour the pancake mix into squirt-able bottles to make pancake art!