7 Useful Ways To Organize Your Life

All hail the Pinterest gods! I swear I wouldn’t be able to live without Pinterest. I don’t know if you have a Pinterest account, but if you don’t, GET ONE! These useful and clever ideas I found while browsing the social media site are super helpful for busy collegiettes like us. They help you stay organized through those especially tough times (like that one week where you have a test in literally every class you’re taking) when you don’t feel like sorting or dealing with disarray.

Bra and Underwear

No more bra straps getting tangled with other bra straps. And all of your underwear is folded neatly so you can easily pick out what you feel like wearing for that day. Do you feel like wearing sexy underwear or cute underwear?


Nesting Measuring Cups

If you want to learn how to cook, you will need to use proper measurements for ingredients, right? Save space in your tiny kitchen drawers with nesting measuring cups. Think of all that clutter that will not exist when you have these in your life.


Birthday Chart

Too many birthdays to keep track of? Writing the birthdays in your planner isn’t helping? Make it a decoration! Pick a color scheme and select a few paint chip samples from your local hardware store. Each person gets their own circle. For multiple birthdays in one month, connect the paint chips by poking holes in the top and bottom and sticking a paper clip through it.


Bag Dispenser

Don’t throw out all of those bags you get from The Anchor, save them! They come in handy when you need trash bags. However, don’t let them pile up in a corner of your closet. Flatten the bags and roll them up, leaving the handles free. Stick the bags in an empty wipes dispenser to dispense with ease. If you want a cute dispenser to put on display, cover the container with a piece of scrapbook paper if you have it, or duct tape!


Pinned Boxes

This is one of the simplest ways to get rid of clutter in your closet. You have that empty space on the wall, so use it to your advantage. Just stick a push pin through the container and you’re done!



This came in handy when I didn’t have enough closet space in Lenhardt (RIP). Instead, most of my clothes were folded in the dresser. You can maximize your space in drawers by changing the way you fold your clothes. You will no longer have to sift through your clothes to find the top you’re in the mood to wear, because all of your tops will be visible! Good-bye mini clothes piles.


Make-up Brushes

What a cute little way to store all of your make-up brushes. It’s a decoration in itself.