7 Shows to Put on Your Binge List for This Summer

I’m going to be real with you guys- I love to binge a good TV show. In the summer if I’m not at work or outside I’m 100% wearing pajamas all day and watching Netflix. I’m not ashamed of the amount of Netflix I’ve watched (especially since starting college), and I’m always looking for the next show I’m going to binge. For anyone who’s like me and likes to commit to a series for a while, here’s a list of some of my favorite shows that have a lot of seasons to binge over the summer


1: Grey’s Anatomy

Okay you knew this was going to be on here but if you haven't watched it you're seriously missing out. Here’s the thing with Grey’s. I’ve been watching this since the very beginning with my mom. The show is on it’s 14th season right now, and 13 of them are on Netflix already. If you really want to commit to something, Grey’s is the show for you. Plus literally everyone you know is probably watching it so you’ll have plenty of people to talk about it with.

2: Friends

Friends is a classic. With 10 seasons all on Netflix it’s a show you can laugh to and then make infinite references to in your everyday life. We all know that Ross is super annoying but it's still a good show.

3: Gossip Girl

Okay, so this one might not have as many seasons as some of the others, but if you want some stereotypical early 2000s television, this is where you need to look. Also the soundtrack will make you feel like you're at your middle school dance.

4: Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls was my latest endeavor and I loved every second of it. It's a little cheesy at times but tbh all the best shows are. But please take my advice and do not watch the reboot. It was terrible and you’ll thank me later.

5: Nurse Jackie

This is just a really good show. It’s funny and also has some serious elements to it. You’ll love and hate Jackie all at once.

6: That 70’s Show

Another classic. Watching random episodes out of order on TV is good, but watching it straight through adds a whole other layer of funny to it.

7: How To Get Away With Murder

Another Shonda Rhimes show makes the list and it’s a great one (but tbh aren’t they all??) HTGAWM has it all- romance, mystery, and an overall storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s still on the air but there are the first few seasons on Netflix right now to keep you busy.

Feel free to share your own recommendations and happy binging!

All images courtesy of giphy.com