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The “Netflix and Chill” Generation Needs to Just Chill

The scene: a college bar on a Friday night. On one side of the bar is Chelsea, a junior out drinking for a girl’s night. That night, Chelsea will make a connection with a guy she runs into from her chem lab. They’ll talk all night and after a few drinks, will make their way back to his place. Chelsea will wake up in his bed the next morning. She will be called a “slut” or a “whore” for sleeping with a guy that she isn’t in a relationship with.

On the other side of the bar is Todd. Holding Todd’s hand is his long-term girlfriend. Todd is a senior and has been dating his girlfriend since sophomore year. He still takes her on frequent dates and is very much in love. Todd has considered post-grad plans and even marriage. Whenever he hangs out with his friends, they constantly refer to him as “whipped.”

I know what you’re thinking – “not another article about the college dating scene!” Trust me, I‘m just as sick of them as you are. While scrolling through Facebook, I see article after article referring to us as “The Netflix and Chill Generation” or telling us what we “should” expect from a relationship. No matter the nature – from having casual sex to being engaged – romantic relationships of people our age are blatantly stigmatized.  Here’s my opinion: who cares?

We should not be told what we should and should not do with our hearts or our bodies.  When it comes to relationships and sex, each situation should be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Just because someone prefers to sleep around does not mean that another in a monogamous relationship is wrong. What one chooses to do with their life applies to them and only them.

The “Hook-Up Culture” is great for some people.  Serious relationships don’t fit into every person’s busy schedule.  Perhaps, some people haven’t found a person that they feel strongly enough about to commit to.  Others find comfort in the stability of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  Neither of these things is wrong – they’re right for the people they’re right for.       

What one person chooses to do with their life is none of your concern.  The only person who can decide what you need is you. As long as Chelsea is happy once she gets home from her classmate’s house and as long as Todd is happy with his girlfriend, we should be happy too.

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