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Girl Group “Boys World” Returns with their Second Empowering Single “Wingman”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

On January 29, 2021, Boys World dropped their sophomore single and music video, “Wingman,” following the success of their debut, “Girlfriends.” Both songs are female empowerment anthems that have caught the attention of listeners globally. Formed in Los Angeles in April 2020, Boys World is composed of Elana Caceres, Olivia Ruby, Queenie Mae, Lillian Kay, and Makhyli, each serving powerful vocals, looks, and dance moves. It’s hard to believe that they are all under twenty years old. 

“Wingman” is reminiscent of old-school pop and R&B with its groovy rhythm and killer harmonies, but Boys World’s visual aesthetic sends the track into our current Generation Z-ruled era. The girls dance through neon animations that show off their unique personalities and (literally) highlight their synchronization. The lyrics preach self-love and independence as the hook declares, “I don’t need a wingman ‘cause I’m too fly on my own.” The group fondly tells fans in a statement that they hope to “inspire anyone who listens to [their] music to know their worth and to find their own inner royalty, because sometimes all you really need is yourself.” No wingman in sight for us!

Thousands of tweets, comments, and posts compare them to famous girl groups like The Cheetah Girls, Spice Girls, Little Mix, Blackpink, and Fifth Harmony. To this, the members are humbled. In a 2020 interview, Queenie noted that being compared to these girl groups “feel[s] like they’re manifesting success for us … But we’ll be successful in our own way.” And I think all fans can agree that they’re definitely paving their own way! When was the last time you saw a Western girl group break out into intense choreography? Not to mention the comforting diversity of the group. No one is doing it like Boys World. 

“Wingman” is the perfect successor to “Girlfriends.” The first single showed off the group’s diversity and international appeal. The video opens with the members running a hotline for girls. They’re shown speaking English, Spanish, ASL, and Tagalog to let everyone around the world know that they’ll never go unheard. Plus, in a recent Instagram post, the group initiated #wingmanworldwide where fans can submit “Wingman” lyrics in their native languages to be featured in their upcoming global lyric video. Speaking of global, the “boys” in their name stands for “Best of Yourself,” with “world” showing off their worldwide aspirations. 

Although “Girlfriends” was a jaw-dropping debut, you never know if an artist’s first song accurately presents the artist’s sound. You can’t predict that vibe will continue over the next few releases, as it’s often that an artist’s sophomore release is the most telling sign of their creative direction. By following up with the magnificent “Wingman,” Boys World is telling listeners that the quality and impact of “Girlfriends” was not a one-off – this talent is here to stay.

I can’t wait to see what Boys World has in store for 2021. I’m waiting for more singles, a debut album, dance practices to show off their choreographies, and millions of streams. This diverse group of girls is locked on my radar.

Stream “Wingman” here and watch the music video here.


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Mayson is a third-year McMaster student majoring in Indigenous Studies and English & Cultural Studies. She loves writing, making playlists, reading, and walking her cat. Whenever she's back in her hometown, Mayson takes her deaf cat Holiday on daily walks outside!