You Get Me

“You get me. There’s no other way to put it. When I am a whirlwind of a person, a mess of bad moods and even worse ideas, you move in slowly, wrap each of those arms around me, and in an instant, I feel understood. When I am blind of all else, I see the way through you.” - Bea Taplin

My anger can sometimes be blinding. I see nothing less than it, and nothing more than it. When my anger kicks in once it reaches its peak, there’s nothing left to see. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens enough. I don’t always have the best ways of coping with it, and sometimes I don’t even have the right reasons for it, if any at all. Sometimes, it just appears and the not knowing only frustrates me even more. It can be overwhelming and sometimes a little scary.

    My sadness can sometimes be blinding. There’s something inside of me that just doesn’t feel right. There usually is no reason, there usually is no explanation, but it’s there. It’s there and it creeps up my spine and into my brain. It’s difficult to find the root, but easy to feel. It’s there. It’s here. It’s everywhere. It can make me want to stay in bed, it can make me want to quit my jobs, it can make me want to quit my club and most of all it can sometimes make me quit my education. There’s no other way to put it.

    Being human can sometimes be blinding. An overwhelming amount of unexplained emotions, from bursts of energy to burst of sadness, is what makes us human. We all feel these things, and the majority of us, especially college students, don’t have time for negative feelings on top of everything else we constantly have to do. Being human also means feeling one of the biggest and greatest feelings of all - love.

    I have found love within one of the most incredible humans in this world. She sometimes has every right in the world to get fed up with the constant mood swings I have, but she never does. And I never do with her either. Her arms bring me to heaven and her words bring me to calmness. She knows just how to handle all of my bad moods and everything in between. She is my safe haven, and she never gives up on me. Even when I can’t understand myself, she always finds a way to understand me on her own and help me to think more logically.

    With all of the emotions we are given as human beings, the one I am most thankful for is love. The love I share with her is one unlike anything else I have ever felt. She is incredible and the best thing to ever happen to me. My sanity in all of the chaos life throws at me, my shoulder to cry on when I’ve had enough and my crutch when I can’t stand it anymore. Today and everyday I am thankful for the true love of my life.