Love On A Winter Night

It was a Thursday night, the first snow day of the semester, when I looked at the most beautiful girl and said “Lets go play in the snow.” She was so full of energy, so full of life when she said this. Before getting out of the elevator to leave her residence building, she jokingly said “Don’t touch meee,” and I took this statement and ran with it. I knew very well she did not really mean those words, and it would simply drive her crazy. When we got outside and she felt the first snowflake fall on her perfect brown hair, she wanted nothing more than to hug me. This screamed for a challenge—if she wanted to touch me, she had to catch me. We both know she’s faster than me when it comes to walking, but not fast enough to catch me. She tried so hard to reach me, but just missed at each attempt. That was until I swooped her up into my arms and I heard her cry out “Baaabe put me down, I’m scareddd.” It was in that moment, I knew my feelings for her were all too real and they weren’t going away any time soon.

I loved looking at her, laughing with her, and playfully pushing her when she walked by my side. It’s the same feeling someone gets when they go to adopt a dog and they start to play with one of them and instantly know. This is the one.

I just instantly knew, she is the one.

Now, I will never know exactly where this will go, but I know—right now, in this very moment— this is where I want to be. She came into my life and instantly meant the world to me. Everyday with her is a blessing, through the good and the bad of it all. There is something about her, something that just screams out at me. I have yet to figure it out but, I have felt it since the moment I first laid my eyes on her. She is worth it all and she deserves the entire world, as does her mom, because she provided me with her blessing of a daughter. I could not ask for anyone, or anything, better than her.

I still ask myself (and her) what I did to deserve someone as genuine and kind as her, someone so loving, someone so beautiful, and someone who makes me a different kind of happy. I feel a good, real, genuine happiness each and every time I look into her eyes, lay my head on her chest, or see her name light up my phone. I have found someone so special, and I am so grateful for her existence in this world. One could only wish to find someone as amazing as her, and I just so happen to be one of the luckiest people alive, to have the privilege of calling her my girlfriend and my best friend.