I Wasn’t Expecting That

“It was only a smile but my heart, it went wild. I wasn’t expecting that.

Just a delicate kiss, anyone could’ve missed. I wasn’t expecting that.”

I met my girlfriend at a particularly strange time for us both. She was going through a lot and I was holding onto something that no longer existed. Yet, she walked into a meeting with the smuggest face I have ever seen, and I was still distracted by her. I tell her all the time that she’s a dangerous distraction, but I had no idea what I had coming my way. Not only is she a dangerous distraction, but she is a handful. She is my handful though, and I’m extremely grateful for her. I wasn’t expecting that.

At the start of everything, we pushed each other away. It was all we really knew how to do because of the fear we had from previous relationships. Yet, even with all of the pushing away and fear we still managed to find our way back into each other's arms. She was the person I wanted to see every time I walked out of my house, and the person I thought about when I was bored in class. The person I was daydreaming about being aside while taking an exam. She was just simply, the one. I wasn’t expecting that.  

Her beauty is what caught my attention but her personality is what kept it. Everyday, she makes me laugh a little harder (and roll my eyes a little more). I look at her and instantly smile, even when she says “what!?” as if she doesn’t already know that I’m simply appreciating her. I can’t help but look at her whenever I’m with her, even if she’s doing something as simple as scrolling on Facebook. She makes me shake my head with a grin on my face each time we make eye contact, because I can’t believe she’s really my girlfriend, and how good she looks at all time (especially when her hair is a mess and she just woke up). I wasn’t expecting that.

I wasn’t expecting her, but I am grateful for her. Everything about her and everything that makes her who she is. Even if she makes me roll my eyes into the back of my head on occasion, she makes me smile from ear to ear everyday. Everything makes sense with her and I know for certain, I am right where I need to be when I am beside her. She is more than just another girl, she is more than just Kellie Donovan, she is more than beautiful and she is more than words can express. She makes me proud. Proud of her and proud to be her girlfriend. Although things can be scary at times and not everyday is perfect, and neither are we, I know she’s the person I want to be with, through it all. The good and the bad, the scary and the funny. I really wasn’t expecting that.