NightLoop is Back and Better than Ever!

What is NightLoop?

NightLoop is a brand and platform dedicated to fostering a strong and inclusive community and improving that community’s social life. With more and more of our lives being spent at school and work, and technology dramatically changing how we connect with each other, one thing is for sure: connection and community are more fragmented. The overall nightlife and events industry relies on traditional systems which cause frictions, barriers, and a disconnect from the community. NightLoop uses Snapchat to help McGill students and the greater Montreal population know what’s happening in the city every night. By posting events, taking polls, and creating Geo Stories, NightLoop assists in answering the age-old question: so what’s the move tonight?

What happened to NightLoop?

Originally founded by three McGill students in 2016, the platform took off in Fall 2017. However, the original founders have now graduated and are living in other cities, so they decided it was time to pass on the torch. After a long process with 150 applicants, 43 phone interviews, and 12 final interviews, a new team of 6 was chosen to take over NightLoop and bring it to the next level. I was lucky enough to be selected as part of the next generation.

What’s next for NightLoop?

After a series of meetings, the NightLoop team is excited to share everything we have in store for the coming semester. In addition to the relaunch of the platform, we have plans to revamp the Instagram, produce some very cool merch, and even host a relaunch party with local DJs. Additionally, we are hoping to expand NightLoop’s reach into the greater Montreal community and start promoting different types of events.


Feel free to add @nightloopmcgill on Snapchat and follow @nightloopmtl on Instagram!