Homeboy’s Gonna Like...What? A Recap of the Memes of the Week

Did midterm season have you missing out on memes and now you have no idea what your friends are laughing at? It is never fun being the one who has to ask to have the joke explained. You don’t have to worry though, because I was browsing Twitter 5 hours a day while you were studying just so I could explain these jokes to you. I got you covered with this recap of popular memes of this week from Twitter, so when your friends make a joke, you can like...get it.

"Homeboy's gonna like...get it":

When Model Bella Hadid went on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping to promote Nike, a show where celebrities go shopping for shoes and talk about their sneaker preferences, she couldn't have known that her words would go viral. The interview is awkward enough with Hadid trying too hard to be hip by using slang that she's clearly not used to (she says "dope" an embarrassing number of times) but what made people really cringe was her response when asked about her sneaker preferences. She went on first to say: "they better be fresh". Then she coined the phrase that made Twitter users get their kicks from hearing Hadid talk about kicks and consequently what caused this meme, that is as fresh as a pair of Air Maxes to be born. Pointing at a sneaker that is clearly not fresh enough, she says, "If homeboy is coming through with these, it’s quiet for him,” then pointing at Air Maxes she says, “but if he comes through in like, these... homeboy is gonna, like, get it".


Here are people's reactions to the video, and the best of the meme that was eventually created out of it:


There has to be but it might be that she is too dope for the law.



Maybe she just wanted to test out some new words?


I know which shoes I'm wearing tomorrow.


Yeah no, it's quiet for bad memes.


Homeboys might wanna take note.



These are the things homeboy's gotta come through with, get it?? 

The "First of All" Tweets:

The first of all tweets were all over Twitter today and they are written by people who have had enough. They begin by quoting something annoying people say, and then saying "first of all," and giving a funny comeback you could use when people might say these things to you (and believe me they will).


First of all, this my charger!!

First of all, I got a 60.


This one's wholesome.



I totally will be using this.

Girl, us too.

Bonus: my personal favourite:

Have a good midterm season everyone and don't forget to look at some memes or tweets if you feel like you need it - you do.

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