The Best and Worst Dressed at The Oscars 2019

On probably the highest esteemed night in Hollywood, the 91st annual Oscars Red Carpet was an outlet for celebrities to present themselves in their most stylish and extravagant looks. 

Here are the 8 best and worst dressed celebrities that walked the Oscars Red Carpet on February 24, 2019 (in no specific order).  


The Best Looks:

1. Michelle Yeoh

2. Tessa Thompson 


3. Lady Gaga 

4. Kacey Musgraves

5. Elsie Fisher


The Worst Looks:

1. Awkwafina

2. Maya Rudoldph

3. Sarah Paulson

4. Nicole Holofcener


5. Mahershala Ali (and his wife, Amatus Sami-Karim)


The Most Talked About: 

Billy Porter

Singer and actor Billy Porter made history last night walking ont the red carpet in a full velvet tuxedo gown, the first of its kind to ever be seen on the red carpet.

Emma Stone


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