5 Female Singers and Bands You Need to Stan Right Now

The music industry continues to remain sexist and there are so many incredible female singers and bands facing up to that. Here are 5 of them that you need in your life right now.


Billie Eilish

Instagram: @wherearetheavocados

Age: 16

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Top Songs: Bellyache, Copycat, My BoyOcean Eyes

Only 16, Billie Eilish is giving us bop after bop and look after look (check out her instagram). She's super talented and funny and is coming to Montreal on March 27th.



Instagram: @zolita

Age: 23

Hometown: California

Top Songs: Holy, Explosion, Fight Like A Girl

This queer feminist 23-year-old who is self-directing her music videos is the icon we needed. The music video of "Holy" features a girl in a patriarchal schoolhouse who runs away into a lesbian relationship and a feminist girl cult. "Fight Like A Girl" is an intersectional feminist manifesto that makes you feel like you can do anything after listening to it. When Zolita sings "Man I really feel like a woman though," you can't help but stand tall. At the end of the song, she leaves us with: "My body, my rights and my voice (can't grab me by the)".


Hayley Kiyoko

Instagram: @HayleyKiyoko

Age: 26

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Top Songs: Curious, Feelings, Girls Like Girls, Cliffs Edge, SLEEPOVER

If you want to know if a girl is gay, ask her if she likes Hayley Kiyoko. If she says "Oh, that girl from Lemonade Mouth?" she is not gay. But if she says "Do you mean our lesbian Jesus and saviour of pop Hayley Kiyoko?" you got your answer. Queer pop singer who has been called "Lesbian Jesus" by her fans has given us the best music videos. Girls Like Girls is a classic and now with her debut album coming out on the March 30th, there is Curious. Hayley Kiyoko is going on tour and coming to Vancouver and Toronto this summer (sadly no Montreal!).


Jaira Burns

Instagram: @jairaburns

Age: 21

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Top Songs: Ugly, Burn Slow

Jaira Burns gave us hair goals with her pastel blue strands and absolute bops with Ugly and Burn Slow. Her instagram feed is gorgeous and she just released a new song: OKOKOK


The Regrettes

Instagram: @theregrettesband 

Members: Lydia Night, Genessa Gariano, Maxx Morando, Sage Chavis

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Top Songs: Seashore, Hey Now, Come Through, A Living Human Girl

"You're talking to me like a child, hey I've got news, I'm not a little girl" starts out "Seashore". The Regrettes, led by 17-year-old Lydia Night, is the band you were looking for. "You don't come through like you say you do, now I don't need you to, 'cause I don't need you" she sings in "Come Through". "A Living Human Girl" is about society's expectations and pressures young girls face. Their songs send important messages and leave you feeling empowered.


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