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What It Means To Be An MCDE Dancer

Gym? Who needs it? A dance workout is more fun and the best form of cardio.Beginner, intermediate, advanced. Tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, salsa, Irish step. It doesn’t matter what skill level, style, shape or size you are – everyone is accepted into MCDE with open arms.

You are surrounded by a more diverse group of people than you would typically befriend.

The time, effort, energy and dedication put into the dance show proves that dancers deserve to be credited just as much as every other sport.

As much as you complain and say you “hate” Hell Week, you secretly love spending hours surrounded by over 200 other dancers for an entire week.

Your pain tolerance has increased from the excessive practices and falls to the ground in every routine.

Each dance is extremely unique and creative, proving MCDE is full of talented dancers and choreographers.

Having bloody feet, bruised knees and body aches come as no surprise by now.

You never stop dancing. Whether you’re the life of the house party, getting down on the dance floor at the bar or shaking your booty in the kitchen, your body is just naturally wired to keep on moving. 

Getting a costume that can be added to your wardrobe and worn in public is the ultimate success.

Dance is not meant to overwork you to the point of endless commitments and excessive expenses. Even though it consists of hard work, we dance because we love it; we dance for fun; we dance to be happy.

When you enter the dance studio, nothing else matters. Negativity, stress, depression. All of those feelings escape your body when you put all your heart, soul and energy into a dance.

Performing on stage – even with nerves, emotions and pressure – is what you live for. The rush of adrenaline and excitement makes you shine on stage and hearing the crowd cheering you on is the most rewarding feeling.

Dance is, always has, and always will be a part of your life.

You made friends who turned into family. And the best part? They all share the same passion for dance that you do.

This article is dedicated to all the foxy seniors of the Marist College Dance Ensemble. Although the season is over, may you forever keep dance a part of your life. Be thankful for the family we have become and for the memories we share together. Congratulations seniors! And to the remaining dancers, cherish every moment you have.


Photo Credit: Sam Cillo

Nadia is a senior at Marist College originally from Long Island, New York. She is majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and minoring in Business. You're likely to see her at a music festival combining her passions of dance and hula hooping. Give her a good book and she'll be entertained. Nadia hopes to one day work for a magazine writing a column or designing layouts. After studying abroad in Florence, Italy and traveling to over 15 countries over the course of her years, it's safe to say she also has aspirations to see the world.
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