6 Ways to Combat Homesickness

Moving into college: away from home for the first time, on your own, your first taste of freedom and adulthood; a perfect scenario for someone who is independent. We are all excited and ready for the future as we unpack our bags on move-in day and wave our parents goodbye. The first few days may be exciting but if you’re anything like me, it can get old fast.  


1. Call a Relative or Close Friend  

What better way to feel better than talking to someone you love? Even just for a few minutes to catch up and see how their day has been could mean a world of difference and really make those bad days a little bit easier.  


2. Eat Your Favorite Foods 

Whether it’s something that is easily attainable in the dining hall or may have to be found off campus, in the end it will make you smile. It’s comforting to have a little taste of home occasionally. Sometimes the few extra calories are worth it.  


3. Going Off Campus  

If it's just down the street to the local diner, to a movie or a day trip to the city, getting off campus and spending time with friends could help get you back into a good mood. Sometimes you just need to get out of the bubble that you may feel trapped in. Adventures, no matter how small, are lasting memories.  


 4. Avoid Being Alone  

When we are alone we have tons of time to think, and thinking about how much you miss home is not going to help you get through the semester. Make new friends. Some might even be the lifelong friends who end up in our wedding party. Don’t miss out on the opportunities they present you with. Get out of your room and make the most of your four years. 


 5.  Stay Healthy  

If you’re sad, it's an easy decision to wallow in self-pity and drown your sorrows in Ben & Jerry’s, but feeling sorry for yourself is only going to make matters worse. Get some fresh air, go for a jog or take advantage of the free gyms the school provides. Exercise will distract your mind for a little while and release some pent-up frustrations. Your body will thank you when flu season rolls around.   


6. Stay Positive  

College is all about making memories to last a lifetime and they will, like high school, fly by in the blink of an eye. Make the most of your time (and tuition) and have fun, get involved and make new friends. Be a pleasure to be around and don’t ruin your experience. Just take each day one step at a time.