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The 11 Thoughts You Have Before Spring Break

1.     Whyyy is there still snow on the ground?

2.     I miss Marist beach.

3.     I should really start working on my bikini body.

4.     If you’re going someplace cold:

5.     If you’re going someplace warm:

6.     Why is my professor assigning homework for over break?

7.     Wait, there’s a midterm in this class?

8.     Do I even have enough money to go away?

9.     I hate packing!

10. Netflix break.

11. Can I leave now? I can’t wait to relax with all my friends!!!

Meghan is a sophomore at Marist College majoring in Communications with a double concentration in journalism and advertising and a minor in creative writing. Meghan has been a blogger since high school and loves to free write in her spare time. She enjoys hanging out with friends, playing guitar, exploiting her credit card to online shopping, and wasting time online.
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