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10 Beauty & Lifestyle YouTubers to Watch


  1. Katy Bellotte 

Katy is a recent graduate of Elon University, currently based in NYC. Katy does many fashion-, beauty- and lifestyle-related videos. But her words of wisdom and editing style are what really set her apart from the rest. She is not afraid to be vulnerable and talk about touchy subjects. She gives amazing advice on topics ranging from relationships to personal struggles. The way she edits is extremely enrapturing and makes you feel as though you’re visualizing someone’s personal diary.

Photo Courtesy: Katy Bellotte Instagram

  1. Roxette Arisa 

Roxette is an amazing beauty guru, based in California. Roxette grew up as a competitive figure skater, so it was only natural she developed her expertise of doing stage makeup. On top of doing impeccable at makeup looks, her bubbly personality will make you want to be her best friend. Whether you’re looking for a inspiration on how to spruce up you daily makeup routine or a particular glam look, Roxette has got you covered.

Photo Courtesy: Roxette Arisa Instagram

  1. Sophia & Cinzia

Sophia & Cinzia are a British duo that post beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos. Something really admirable about their videos is the lack of editing. Typically, most YouTubers edit their footage to make their videos more cohesive. However, editing would diminish their sassy personalities. The raw footage makes you feel as if you are actually in the room, learning how to do your makeup, alongside them. The two have been best friends since childhood, and it really show in how much their personalities emulate each other. The pair are hysterical and are sure to put you in a good mood.

Photo Courtesy: Sophia & Cinzia Instagram

  1. Gretchen Geraghty 

Gretchen is a lifestyle vlogger, currently attending Boston University. When I say Gretchen is the literal embodiment of sunshine, I mean it. Her extremely bubbly personality and adorable laugh will be sure to put a smile on your face. Something really admirable about Gretchen is her healthy lifestyle. Gretchen is an avid rider at SoulCycle and is always sharing her healthy recipes, showing it is possible to stay fit while in college.

Photo Courtesy: Gretchen Geraghty Instagram

  1. Tess Christine 

Tess is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber, based in NYC. Tess is someone who I am constantly turning to for fashion inspiration. She is constantly on trend and is very good at styling pieces. Tess also travels a lot and excels in sharing tips on how to make the most out of your adventures. She is also in an adorable relationship with a photographer fiance, who shares a striking resemblance to Harry Styles.

Photo Courtesy: Tess Christine Instagram

  1. Natalie Benson

Natalie is one of the funniest vloggers I’ve come across. Natalie is based at Boston University and is best friends with Gretchen Geraghty. Natalie’s dry humor is hysterical and her editing style just emphasizes her humor. She also has amazing style and is another person I am constantly turning to for fashion inspiration.  

Photo Courtesy: Natalie Benson Instagram

  1. Bella Fiori 

Bella is an Australia-based beauty and lifestyle vlogger with a twist: she also does true crime videos. These videos really set her apart from other vloggers within her genre. Bella is another beauty guru who does incredible makeup looks. She can take any eyeshadow palette and create a masterpiece on her eye lids. Bella also has amazing style, as can be seen on her Instagram account. Also, I can’t forget to mention: she is a proud dog mom of three ADORABLE pups.

Photo Courtesy: Bella Fiori Instagram

  1. Margot Lee 

Margot is a lifestyle vlogger, currently attending Syracuse University. Margot is another YouTuber whose personality just radiates warmth. She, too, has an editing style that makes you feel as though you are imagining someone’s daily journal. Her life is extremely exciting and she makes sure to bring her vlog camera with her wherever she goes. Her college advice videos really helped prepare me for life in college.

Photo Courtesy: Margot Lee

  1. Michelle Reed 

Michelle is currently attending the King’s College in NYC, but she is a Texas girl at heart. Michelle makes fashion and lifestyle videos. What really sets Michelle apart is her faith. Although I wouldn’t consider myself religious, the way Michelle explains how spirituality helps lead her through her daily life is very inspiring. She also shares amazing tips on how to keep in touch with yourself, and dealing with stress.

Photo Courtesy: Michelle Reed Instagram

10.) Paige Secosky 

Paige is a fashion and lifestyle vlogger currently attending LIM College in NYC. Paige’s sassy personality and impeccably trendy style are what set her apart. She has a very keen eye for street style. Also there’s just something about the way she talks that makes me want to listen to her for hours.

Photo Courtesy: Paige Secosky Instagram


Andra is a Sophomore at Marist College studying fashion merchandising. She has unhealthy obsessions over celebrities, concerts, and iced coffee.
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