The Stages Of Winter Break As Told By Lord Of The Rings

Winter break is finally here and you may not be sure how to feel about it. Releived that you get a break from school, sad that you're leaving your friends for a while, and excited to go home and see your old friends. Here's what we, and the characters from Lord of the Rings, think about winter break. 

1. When you get out of your last final and realize you’re going home.

2. You are all packed and ready to go, now it’s time to say goodbye to your friends and you realize you may actually miss them.

3. When you get home and realize you no longer have friends at home.

4. But it doesn’t even matter because you have your mom’s cooking and you no longer have to eat dining hall meals.

5. The more people you see, the more you realize you gained a ton of weight at school.

6. When your parents go back to work and you realize you have exhausted all forms of entertainment.

7. When you realize it’s time to go back to school and re-enter the real world. 

Enjoy the break while it's still here!