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Sitting at a desk all day can hinder your clothing confidence. Having a nine-to-five with a business casual dress code can leave the impression that plain black flats and dress pants are going to be your everyday look. Taking a business casual dress code and making it your own can flip a switch in your confidence at work and make you stand out in the workplace.

My mantra is “when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good.” If you’re going to be working all day, feeling confident in yourself is key to making you feel like your best, even while sitting at a desk with an excel sheet staring at you.

While still remaining professional, business casual doesn’t have to be boring. It can be vibrant and stylish from head to toe, and at all different budgets. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of business casual is plain black ill-fitting dress pants and unflattering blouses with plain flats. This is not the case! Business casual has evolved into something freer, making you feel like the boss woman you truly are.

Skirts, dresses, button-downs, sweaters, fun colors, and new shoes can be great additions to your business casual work closet. Instead of dress pants, switch it up with a  long satin skirt in a vibrant color choice. Change out those plain ballerina flats to a stylish pair of loafers with a platform, bringing a lift and fashion-forward addition to your office style.

These simple changes in your closet can help you feel great when getting ready for your internship or job. Bring pieces from your everyday closet into your professional looks. This will not only help from having to buy a whole new business closet but can incorporate your favorite pieces into a new look.

Not only clothing pieces but accessories can also vamp up your look. Adding a pair of funky earrings, a rhinestone headband, or a hair scarf can be a small but impactful addition to your outfit of choice. Stores like H&M, Aritzia, and Target have great business casual options at all different price ranges, making it easy for anyone to add some new pieces to their closet. Looking at Pinterest is also a great idea (this is where I get most of my outfit inspiration) and I’ve linked a good business casual board for you to delve into.

The next time you’re picking out your outfit of the day for work, think about what piece of clothing makes you feel the absolute best, then combine that with business. Feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing is going to make the day go by easier and help you produce better work. So be the amazing boss woman you are, and walk into work feeling confident in your bold and professional outfit choice.

Hi, I'm Serena a junior multimedia journalism and philosophy major with a love for lifestyle writing and fashion. I get most of my inspiration from the great city of Chicago and would someday love to write for a fashion magazine. If I could go shopping and eat pasta every day I would haha.
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