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Ten Times You Are Loralei Gilmore


In honor of Gilmore Girls making their triumphant return to netflix here are ten times that you are so Loralei that it hurts.

  1.    When you are telling your friends about that horrible Tinder date.
  2.       When you are forced to do the dreaded *group project*

  3.    When a friend suggest you try the insanity workout with them.

  4.     When someone suggests an activity other then napping or drinking. 

  5.   When someone dares to critique your eating habits.

  6.      When its pep talk 0’clock.

  7.    When some dude is trying to mansplain to you and you dont need it in your life.

  8.  When you’re feeling inspired by your feminist theory class.

  9.    When you’re trying to get the attention of a cutie with a booty.

  10.      And finally…at all moments of all days.

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