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Second semester seniors this one’s for you! Your undergraduate career is winding down. By now you’ve probably made a lot of “precious mems” already, but you’ve got a few more things to cross off your list before graduation day.

1.  Ask that person out.

You have had a crush on him/her since the moment you sat behind them in that 9 am world religions class freshmen year and they made a hilarious joke about Buddha. Now you seem to bump into them everywhere, but you never make a move! The time to act is now my friend! Best case scenario: you live happily ever after! Worst case scenario: they turn you down and you see that six months after graduation they’ve taken up vaping….dodged a bullet!

2. Tell your favorite professor what they meant to you.

This could be a professor that helped inspire you, or motivated you to keep going, or maybe even gave you a dose of tough love.  Make sure to stop by their office and let them know how much what they did mattered.

3. Reconnect with your first college friends.

Now, you may have new set of friends that are interested in the same things as you, and that’s great! Don’t forget to grab lunch with your roommate from freshmen year that held your hair that first night that you ever discovered tequila. Maybe a computer system that picks roommates put you together and not fate, but you were there for each other during a vulnerable time, and it’s worth getting together to reminisce.

4. Take part in the dumb, hokey traditions.

At this point you may think you’ve out grown the big events that your university puts on for the whole school, but if you miss you last chance to *insert ridiculous but beloved activity here* you’re going to regret it. Offices don’t typically have dumb, hokey traditions (even the really cool offices). So muster up a little school spirit and get in there!

5. Get involved in an extracurricular that doesn’t involve your chosen career path.

You’re probably panicking and doing everything to pad your resume and land your dream gig. I get it, but remember how you always said you wanted to try out for the school musical? Now’s your last chance! The ever present threat of the “real world” may be stressing you out and a fun new hobby could be just the thing to take the pressure off.

6. Come up with a creative way to thank your support system.

It might be your friends at school or your parents who helped you fill out that pesky FAFSA every year. Either way you probably couldn’t have made it through this alone, find a way to thank the people who helped you through. Make time for this, and try something a little more creative than a thank you card.

7. Explore career options that are outside your comfort zone.

You know there is a good chance that you will land that job at your aunts company, and that’s great! Jobs are hard to come by these days, but just for fun why not apply to some big, crazy, dream jobs. Or some jobs in far away  foreign lands. You might not get them and if you do you’re not obligated to take them, but it doesn’t hurt to see what’s out there!

8. Take it all in and try to live in the moment.

Ok so “take it all in” is one of those vague things people say all the time that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. What it should mean for you is this; a chapter in your life is closing, so whether you are raring to go or paralyzed with fear of what the future holds try to enjoy this time. Your collegiate experience has been unique and it has shaped the kind of person you will be for the rest of your life. Do it some justice and take this time to really bask in all its glory. Be goofy, have fun, beg the DJ to play that third T-Swift song for you and your girls. You’re not too cool for school…yet.


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