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A look inside the dating scene at Longwood University

So what is the dating and hook up culture at Longwood really like? How and where do people meet each other? And where are some good places for dates? Keep reading for the inside scoop to all of these burning questions!

With the population being mainly women, Longwood University might seem hopeless for college students looking to find their significant other. But despite the odds, Longwood offers many ways for people to meet others and date. By putting yourself out there and exploring the many clubs, organizations and different personalities at Longwood, there is someone for everybody.

For outgoing people, dating and meeting other people for hook ups usually starts in the social scene. The social scene at Longwood includes parties, clubs, organizations and late night events.  There is always the opportunity to go over to Hampden-Sydney College (H-SC), an all-male school just fifteen minutes down the road, to meet guys too.  

Another way most relationships can start is within residential communities.  Residences that live on the same hall or in the same building can find connections close to their home away from home, and eventually start to date.  Dating at Longwood also starts with putting yourself out there and talking to people at the dining hall, in the gym, in the library, at sporting events, and in your classes.


Looking for hook ups?

  • Go out to parties
  • For girls, travel to H-SC and hang out
  • Meet people around campus at late night events and in your residence hall

Looking for a relationship? 

  • Put yourself out there
  • Explore different clubs and organizations
  • Get to know your peers
  • Go out to parties
  • Girls can go to H-SC and meet a guy there

Where do you meet people on campus?

  •  D-hall
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Student Union
  • Library
  • Sporting events
  • In classes
  • Lancer Productions events

Good Places for Dates Around Farmville, Virginia:

  • Macados- Mainly a sandwich restaurant that is great for social, group dates.
  • The Fishin’ Pig- This is an amazing, fairly new restaurant that features barbecue food.  Many students will choose here for a relaxing and casual date spot.
  • Charlie’s-  This is a great restaurant if you are looking to impress.  It is right on the water and serves excellent food.  Great for a first date.
  • Walker’s Diner- A nice place for a good breakfast date, for a couple who enjoys the simple things in life.D-Hall- This one might sound weird, but if you are just meeting and hanging out, why not just stop by Longwood’s main dining hall for a quick lunch or dinner, to get to know each other before planning a real date.
Hello! I am Natalie 'NatJo' Joseph and I am a 20 year old media personality and journalist. I am a Communication Studies major with a concentration in Mass Media at Longwood University. I am a Longwood University Campus Correspondent along with my friend Emily. I became 'NatJo' in 8th grade when a girl on my school softball team wanted to combine my two first names into one. Currently I host 'The NatJo Show' on WMLU 91.3FM, a show about pop culture, sports, and entertainment. I also host 'The NatJo Show Podcast' and work as a reporter for the COMM443 Farmville Weekly News, as well as the Assistant Arts & Entertianment Editor of The Rotunda newspaper. I am involved in many extra-curricular organizations at Longwood University such as the Student Government Association, the Longwood Ambassadors, Lambda Pi Eta (The National Communication Honor Society), Lancer Productions, and the student spirit club Lancer Lunatics. I have worked jobs and internships in media, event planning, customer service, public outreach, and much more.
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