4 “Healthy Junk Food” Snacks

I know the words “junk food” and “healthy” normally don’t go together. We all crave junk food once in awhile, but we also want to maintain healthy lifestyles. The best way to get the best of both worlds is trying to find some healthier alternatives to junk food: it’s all about balance.

  1. 1. Hippeas

    These vegan and gluten-free chickpea puffs that are a good alternative to cheetos. My personal favorite flavor is the Vegan white cheddar, but they also have sriracha and barbeque flavors.

  2. 2. Trader Joe's "Gone Bananas"

    These are a great snack when you need a chocolate pick me up! You only need a couple slices to satisfy the sweet craving.


  3. 3. Harvest Snaps

    These dried peas come in many flavors that can satisfy the need for something salty and don’t want potato chips. The lightly salted flavor is even vegan!

  4. 4. Halo Top Ice Cream

    This is one of the best “healthy” ice creams on the market. The variety of flavors is massive so everyone can find one they like. They also have some vegan flavors!