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Tips For Finals

With finals quickly approaching, the anxiety and stress begins to set in. Although we are collegiate women, during finals we tend to take out our frustration on friends, family, and boyfriends. Even worse, some of us find our remedy in the comfort of the all you can eat dining hall. Don’t worry ladies; there are ways to avoid cracking under the pressure during this stressful period of time. Here are a couple of quick cures to combat pre-final nerves.

1.Start Studying Early- Begin studying a couple weeks beforehand to avoid cramming. You will thank yourself. This will allow you to feel more prepared and less nervous for each test. You will feel more confident in the material early on, which will help you relax during these hectic weeks.

2. Make a schedule- Creating a schedule will allow you feel less overwhelmed and more organized. You can set more time for a subject you are struggling with and less for a subject in which you are more confident in the material.

3.Take a break- If you are feeling stressed, take a break: listen to music, watch a Glee episode, have a healthy snack, call your friends, even check out for Her Campus for more study tips! But remember: be careful that you don’t spend too much time procrastinating.

4. Snack on healthy foods- Blueberries, Avocados, green vegetables, any type of fruit, nuts, fish and even some dark chocolate.  If you are looking for a quick caffeine fix, tea and coffee will give you the jump-start you need to finish your studying.

5. Take a trip to the gym- Studies show that a trip to the gym once a day helps with focusing.  Allowing yourself to get in a solid work out will allow for a better state of mind and a better mood.
6. Find a place where you can focus- If you focus better at the library, it is important that you take full advantage of study rooms, quiet spaces, and the productive environment. Trust me, your final grade will thank you.

7. Enjoy yourself- While we all tend to be cranky during final week, it is important that we stay positive. Try to be happy, confident, and on top of your work. Keeping your spirits up is healthy for you and the people around you.
Hopefully these tips will allow you be prepared and avoid the stress during test time. Good luck! Happy Finals!

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