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Guide to Fall TV Shows: Old and New

The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice lattes are back, and it’s officially boot season; fall is here. Another thing that fall brings is the return of our favorite shows, plus some new ones. Check out our guide to this season’s TV.

1. Revenge
Revenge is back with a vengeance. Last year’s finale left us counting down the seconds until this year’s premiere so we could find out what juicy gossip the Hamptons has to bring us this summer. If you didn’t watch last year, the show follows the always crazy Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) AKA Amanda Clark as she seeks revenge on the family who helped kill her father. Meanwhile, she dates the beautiful Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman), even if the show was on mute we would watch just for him. Be sure to check out Revenge on Sundays at 9 on ABC.

2. Modern Family
Returning for its fourth season, the mockumentary style show follows three separate but all related families. We can always count on Modern Family for a good laugh, and it’s only a half an hour long so we don’t feel too guilty for taking time to watch it instead of studying. Plus, there’s always a cute lesson at the end – what’s not to love? Schedule your study break for Wednesdays at 9 on ABC.

3. Nashville
We’ve all seen the commercials – ABC’s new hot drama premieres this Wednesday October 10th at 10pm. Nashville stars Hayden Panettiere as a hot new country singer coming out onto the music scene as a rookie. Also starring is Connie Britton, who plays an older country singer who is not happy about Panettiere stealing her limelight. We have high hopes for Nashville, and will be sure to tune in on Wednesday.

4. 666 Park Avenue
Another new series from ABC, this show takes place in “The Drake” – a premier apartment building on the Upper East Side of New York City. With Gossip Girl’s steady decline, we are all jonesing for some good old New York Drama. Bring it on, 666. The pilot episode is online for free, and new episodes air every Sunday at 10pm, immediately following Revenge (score).

5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
If you’ve never seen this show – pay attention. Sunny is returning for its 8th season this fall, and we cannot wait to see what “the gang” has to bring this year. FX is typically known as a “guy’s network”, we know, but this show will make girls laugh as well. Always Sunny follows a group of friends who own a bar called “Paddy’s Pub” in downtown Philadelphia and their ridiculous antics. Last season, they went to the Jersey Shore, one married a hooker, and one got very fat. This season we’ve heard there is to be love and even a Nazi hunt. Stay tuned – the season premiere is this Thursday October 11th at 10pm on FX.


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