Lockdown and Relationships: Top Tips

Feelings of stress and loneliness are likely to arise during lockdown. For those of us with partners this can be an extremely difficult time, whether isolating together or sustaining an un-premeditated long-distance relationship. As someone who has been living with my boyfriend and his family for two months (and counting!), I thought I would share some tips from my personal experience.

  1. Do your own thing during the day - it’s hard to be stuck inside all the time, with or without your partner. Try to have breaks from each other and appreciate your own space as well as your time together.
  2. Try not to break anything in their family house. I’ve broken one plate, spilt coffee on the carpet and stumbled on a radio on the stairs - I’m not normally even a clumsy gal! For some reason being nervous about breaking things paradoxically meant I ended up doing so. Slowing down, realising accidents happen and aiming to relax is the best way to go about daily activities (especially when you are not living in your own home).
  3. Cook together - this is a nice way to spend time together and work as a team. BBC Good Food has some amazing quick and easy recipes that you can do as a couple.
  4. Don’t explode! If you’re getting frustrated, which is to be expected when spending so much time with each other, step back, go for a walk or do something on your own for a bit. Gather your thoughts, think through what you would like to raise as an issue to your SO, and phrase it constructively.
  5. Find common interests and be imaginative. If you both like music set up a speaker and host a DJ live stream together. If you like painting you could draw each other or, for instance, the garden. My partner spent the whole day soldering to fix an Xbox controller and, while I’m usually uninterested in electronics, this time I helped. So, when we successfully fixed it the end result was satisfying for us both.
  6. Don’t forget about your friends and family - call regularly, whether this be through Zoom or a regular phone call, and ensure you maintain those relationships. It can be hard to sustain conversations over text, but it is important to keep up relationships formed before lockdown, to then return to after everything goes back to normal.
  7. Sleeping routines - this tip came from my friend whose boyfriend would stay up till the early hours of the morning watching TV, meaning she would wake up late and lose most of her day. By establishing an ideal time for both of you to go to bed, this resolves the problem and each person’s sleeping schedule is catered to.

For those who aren’t as fortunate as to live with their SO during lockdown, and have to maintain a long-distance relationship over the phone, with the help of friends I’ve come up with a few tips for you:

  1. Date nights: once a week take turns to plan a ‘date’ evening. You can do quizzes, play drinking games or even extend life drawing to Face Time. You can even have a Netflix Party and watch your favourite films together.
  2. Texting: it’s nice to see that the other person is thinking about you throughout the day. But, make sure to keep a healthy balance and not message 24/7 as this will make calling and texting that much more special and intimate.
  3. Keeping it light: when the level of fun we are able to have is extremely limited, try to keep conversations relatively entertaining and jokey.
  4. Send cute memes. :P

Words By: Shivani Soni

Edited By: Zoe Glasspool