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Campus Celebrity: Isobel Reade

Her Campus Leeds got chatting to Social Sec of FoBSoc (and general party-girl) Isobel Reade. 

1. Hi Isobel, tell us about yourself, where are you from, what are your interests and what are you studying?I’m Isobel, a 2nd year biology student from Manchester, I’m a keen snowboarder, and, of course, partier!


2. For those who don’t know, what is FoBSoc?We’re the Faculty of Biological Sciences Society- a team of over 600 members, generally with a common ground of our degree choices- but we’re not strictly departmental, anyone is welcome to get involved! Our treasurer studies nursing for example! 

3. How did you first get involved?I joined as a Fresher last year, after a quick sweep of the Freshers’ Fair to join any society vaguely relevant to me! Then before my first social with them I became a Fresher rep on their committee (by replying to a tweet- classic!). And continued from there

4. What made you want to be social sec and what does it involve?After being on committee last year, I got a feel for what each position involved, and I thought organising some events would be fun, hopefully rewarding and help me be a bit more creative in life! 

5. Any tips on the uni/Fobsoc/life balance?Just gotta deal with it, innit! Nah, in all seriousness, I try and put aside a few hours a week for FoBSoc planning/ to get things sorted, and forget about it the rest of the time. It’s so easy to let fussing over every detail of an event take over your life (the style of the venue, whether we’ve had that theme recently, where the after party should be, what’s the best time for it to start, when are the tickets going to go on sale, who’s going to print the guest list, do we need to order extra inflatables!?) In general I like the age-old rule- uni work in the day, be sociable at night, sleep when you’re done 

6. What makes the perfect social?Um, me!And of course a big old mix of copious amounts of alcohol, a room full of fun-lovers, a dash of cheesiness (we’re only at uni once!) and a sprinkling of glitter- would we have it any other way? 

7. How can students get involved?We’ve got loads of events coming up so just check our Facebook page or have a look in the union GIAG booklet for our pub quiz next week, it’s set to be a good’un!

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