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Night Life: Fun Date Ideas for When You Just Can’t Come Up with Any

Date night is supposed to be a happy experience, but that elated feeling can sometimes be clouded by frustration when you don’t know where to go. Going out to eat or seeing a movie is a great idea, but it can tend to get boring when it seems like that’s all you’re doing. If you’re in need of a new spot or idea, look no further! This is a list of some of my favorite date night plans, depending on how much money you have to spend!

Cheap or Free:

  1. Paint Nights: If you don’t already have the materials at home, you can find cheap paint, brushes, and canvasses at Dollar Tree. You can freestyle it, find lots of tutorial videos on YouTube, or for a funnier option, try and paint portraits of each other!
  2. Hiking: It’s easy to find free trails in any area, and some may be a few dollars for parking. Being outside together is a sure way to release some endorphins…just remember to be respectful of the trails!
  3. Self-Care Day: Try out new skincare, take a tech detox, and try out some yoga or meditation. A calming day like this will bring you closer together!

A little more expensive:

  1. Cook a Meal Together: Decide on a recipe, go grocery shopping together, have fun cooking, and then enjoy a meal. This idea provides for a whole day of fun, and if the weathers nice enough, turn the dinner into a picnic!
  2. Drive in Movie: A bit of a fun twist on a regular movie night! Pick out some snacks and pack some warm blankets, and enjoy a double feature from the comfort of your car.
  3. Fruit or Flower Picking: Depending on the season, many farms offer you-pick for different fruits or flowers! In the past, I’ve done blueberry, strawberry, and sunflower in the summer, and then apple and pumpkin in the fall.

Right after Payday:

  1. Aquarium or Zoo: Research the best ones in your area! Check the websites to see if they’re holding any special events. (Tip: Often your local library will have discounted tickets, check in with them!). 
  2. Take a Class: Whether it be a cooking class, pottery making, or an exercise class, learning something new with your s/o is a great way to bond! 
  3. Escape Room: If you have one near you, escape rooms are a great way to practice your problem solving skills and have fun figuring out the clues together! They can be a little pricey, but definitely worth it.
Kyra is a junior at Lasell University and is an elementary education major. She loves to hike, bake, and work with her students at daycare.
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