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Meet Saturn: The World’s Cutest Roommate

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One of my roommates is different from the typical Lasell student. He never goes to class, never does homework, and sleeps for the majority of the day. The only times he leaves our dorm is to go for a walk and use the bathroom. He technically isn’t a Lasell student at all… his name is Saturn, and he’s my roommate’s service dog. Saturn is a six-month-old Bernese Mountain dog, and I have dubbed him “the world’s cutest roommate.” You may have seen him around campus greeting everyone he meets and having enough energy to power all of Boston.

As mentioned, Saturn is a service dog. Not only does Saturn assist his owner, but he also keeps the spirits of myself and my two other roommates high. My roommates and I are referred to as Saturn’s “aunties”, and we call his owner his “mom”.  I always had a dog growing up, so having Saturn around has made my transition into college life much easier. 

When Saturn isn’t working, he loves to hang out with his mom and aunties. We often lay on the floor and snuggle him, or play fetch with one of his many toys (Saturn is very spoiled). He also enjoys going for walks around campus and getting easily distracted by everything he sees. It is not uncommon for him to become swarmed by groups of students eager to pet a dog. He loves the attention though. 

If you happen to see Saturn when he’s off the clock, feel free to come pet him and say hello!

Olivia Post

Lasell '26

Olivia is a first-year student at Lasell University studying Secondary Education and English. In her spare time, she can be found reading, watching an unhealthy amount of reality television, or hanging out with her roommates.
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