Winter Makeup Musts

So, it’s almost “The most wonderful time of the year!” The days are turning colder and the end of term is in sight. With deadlines around the corner and dark mornings and evenings ahead of us, let’s turn our attention to the glitter and sparkle of Winter makeup! I’ve saved you some work and created a round up of, what I believe are, the best products on the market right now.


This time of year can be a bit unkind to our skin so pick up one of these moisturisers to ensure that your skin is looked after throughout Winter.

All the moisturisers in Lush are absolutely dreamy, but this one is really gentle and smells delicious! If your budget can’t quite stretch that far then this Boots Day Cream is equally fantastic and will leave your skin perfectly smooth!

Splurge: Celestial Moisturiser

Save: Botanics Day Cream


There are so many great lipsticks you can buy at the moment, it’s been hard to pick just two!

I absolutely love No 7 products, they are the one brand that I always come back to. This lipstick comes in so many gorgeous shades, perfect for winter, and really does stay put longer than many other brands I have tried. MUA also offer a great range of different lip products, they don’t stay on quite as well, but at £1 why not give some fun new colours a go!

Splurge: No 7 Moisture Drench Lipstick

Save: MUA Lipstick



Having a great foundation in the right colour for your skin tone creates a great base for the rest of your makeup, so make sure you get it right!

There are a few great top end brands you can choose from, again No 7 is always one thats worked for me. They will also match your skin tone to the perfect shade for you. If you want a more budget friendly option then this one from Seventeen is also great, and apparently helps clear up spots!

Splurge: No 7 Instant Radiance Foundation

Save: Seventeen On the Spot Foundation



Finding your go-to mascara can be really tricky! However, these two really are the best I have managed to find(and I’ve tried a lot!) They both give great lift and coverage and come in different shades depending on the look you like to go for.

Splurge: No 7 Dramatic Lift Mascara

Save: Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Eyeshadow Set

Lovely, sparkly eyeshadow sets! Perfect to cheer you up and get you party ready for Christmas!

This MAC set is a bit of a splurge, but lovely if you fancy treating yourself or you could drop some less than subtle hints for Christmas! These MUA eyeshadows are well known dupes of brands such as MAC. They are pretty good and definitely worth trying for how little they cost.

Splurge: MAC Veluxe Shadow

Save: MUA Romantic Efflorescence Palette


So many different eyeliners, which one do you choose? If you have a slightly unsteady hand and want that little bit more control, I would go for a ‘felt tip’ style liner. If you want one thats got the staying power to last all day then a gel liner is probably the choice for you. I can’t promise they will help with this problem though…

Splurge: No 7 Felt Tip Eyeliner

Save: MUA Gel Eyeliner


Want to get perfect brows? Look no further than this!

You can’t really go wrong with any of Benefit’s brow range at the moment! They have a huge range of products in different shades that can give you the specific look you want. However, if you’re on a tight budget before Christmas then this kit from Seventeen is such a steal.

Had to include this little fella, although hopefully you won’t end up looking like him!

Splurge: Soft & Natural Brow Kit

Save: Seventeen Brow’s That!