Healthy-ish Living At Uni

I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t easy trying to stick to a relatively healthy diet while at uni and living on a budget. Especially when your flat mates are mostly boys with impossibly fast metabolisms. One minute I’m planning all the nutritious meals I could eat, and before I know it I’m following them (or leading them…) to KFC to order hot wings.

Lucky for us it has never been more fashionable to be healthy, which means everywhere we look on social media there is inspiration. However sometimes healthy eating Instagram accounts can feel like an exclusive, popular girls clique who seem to buy their entire shopping list from Whole Foods.

Every meal is packed with chia seeds or wheatgrass powder or some other incredibly expensive super food, which no one is really sure what it does. For the vast majority of people, especially students, this extreme healthy lifestyle is not attainable, nor is it appealing. Recently I’ve come across a few accounts on Instagram that don’t make me feel guilty about indulging, because they stress the importance of balance and not feeling guilty if you have one or two…or a whole packet of doughnuts once in a while. 

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