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(Sisterly) Love is an Open Door

As a Disney-loving girl, I was ready to buy my ticket to Disney’s Frozen before the first preview ended. I expected it to be adorable, and it did not disappoint. My inner 5 year old in a sparkly pink tutu was, as expected, jumping with joy at a new Disney Princess movie. What I was not expecting was the new dynamic of Princess relationships, which made my inner 20 year old feminist side jump for joy as well.

A word on feminism before I go on: Feminism is not a dirty word. It doesn’t mean I hate men (even if I may say that too often in times of frustration), or that I think women are the superior gender. It doesn’t ask for special treatment. It doesn’t mean I reject femininity or that I ignore the differences between men and women. It means I acknowledge and even embrace what makes me a girl, but I expect people to understand that I do the things I do because that’s just who I am, not because I’m a girl and I’m expected to. While it would be impossible to say everything feminism means to me, it is simply demanding the same respect and opportunities that society wouldn’t even hesitate to grant a man.

Honestly, it’s 2014. Isn’t equality on everybody’s mind? Too often I hear college age girls begin statements with the phrase “I’m not a feminist, but…” and then go on to say something totally feminist.

Repeat after me: NO ONE SHOULD APOLOGIZE FOR EXPECTING TO BE TREATED LIKE AN EQUAL. Forget the stigma that goes with the word and you’ll realize that the qualities you see in yourself, your moms, and sisters are all worth defending.

Anyway, back to Frozen. Aside from being Disney’s biggest box office hit since The Lion King in 1994 and having a soundtrack that topped even Beyonce’s surprise album, the movie that everyone pegged as a simple girl movie is sweeping the nation.

Easily the best part of the movie is their complete reversal of the typical love story. While the young and naïve Anna easily becomes infatuated with Hans, the visiting Prince, their ensuing song serves to ironically point out exactly what Disney would normally do. Only Elsa and Kristoff seem to understand the problem: you can’t marry someone you just met. It’s like the producers suddenly realized, maybe we shouldn’t teach girls from toddler age that the first boy that looks at them is their knight in shining armor!

What a novel concept.

While Anna defends her newfound romance, the real driving force of the movie is based on Anna and Elsa’s relationship. Although it had been strained in the past, Anna doesn’t hesitate for a second to go on a wild adventure to save her. If you somehow haven’t seen it yet, I don’t want to spoil an amazing movie.

Tons of adorable songs and hilarious Olaf quotes later, the audience realizes that the men in the film are more of a subplot than the more important relationship between the sisters. Their love is enough for the entire movie’s drive.

Wait, now we’re teaching girls that there are things that matter more than boys?!  Shut the front door.

What a relief it is to give girls something to look up to that doesn’t revolve around a man. So if you haven’t seen it yet, get with your girlfriends that are most important to you and get ready for a whole new kind of adventure.


Image Source: http://www.reeltalkonline.org/2013/11/frozen-is-charming-pretty-and-musically.html

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