How to Survive Finals Week

Students shuffle around aimlessly with a dead look in their eyes. People sit on the edges of the hallways and crowd every spot with chairs to pore over laptops and textbooks while anxiously awaiting their next trial. It’s finals week. Easily one of the least fun parts of college, final exams are a huge stressor in most students’ lives, and at Louisiana Tech they come quicker than most because of the quarter system. Here are a few ideas to help you survive during the home stretch. 

Grab a coffee or tea from one of our numerous coffee shops.

With choices like Railway, Parish Press, The Depot, and more, we have lots of options! Head over to your favorite spot and pick up a hot beverage to soothe your poor suffering spirit. All these places have the benefit of doubling as a great study zone as well, so curl up in one of their chairs or couches and hunker down.


Stretch it out.

Located in downtown Ruston, Blue Sky Yoga is a great place to forget the worries and woes of your student life. Let the calming atmosphere surround you and help you wind down. Yoga is a fantastic way to de-stress. Focusing on your breathing and the way your body moves is a great way to get your mind off studying for a while and giving your brain a rest.

Become one with nature.​



Lincoln parish is home to many great parks, and there are plenty more nearby. Take your hammock out to Hideaway and set up at one of their hammock stations, go for a walk around the pond in Lincoln Parish Park, or make a day trip to Farmerville and hike or bike the trails at Lake D’Arbonne. You could even head over to the only mountain in Louisiana, Mount Driskill, and get a great view of the hills! No matter what you choose, the sounds of birds and the wind in the trees are very relaxing and will let your mind wander for a while.

Do whatever makes you happy.

Whether it be writing, drawing, listening to music, playing sports, etc., take a break to do the things you enjoy. Studying nonstop can make you a little crazy, but if you pace yourself and make time for the things that you love as well, you’ll be a little less miserable. Hang in there guys, we’re almost to the end of the quarter. You can make it! Just be sure to make time for self-care as well.