5 Simple Ways to Get Fit

We all know the benefits of exercising regularly, but exercise can be nearly impossible to fit into our busy schedules. Here are 10 easy ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule!

Sweat While You Binge

Do you live for the newest episodes of your favorite show? Do squats, jumping jacks, or other exercises during commercial breaks while tv. If you only watch things on Netflix, try doing some of those moves every time a character says a catchphrase or when the theme song plays!  

Take A Study Break

Sometimes adrenaline is the only thing that will keep you focused in those long study sessions. During study breaks, try running up and down a flight of stairs or walking around at a brisk pace!  

Got an Hour? Get a Six-Pack.

If you have those two classes that you always end up waiting around in between, why not sweat instead? Exercise for short intervals between your classes. Make sure to wear your gym clothes!  

Clean Dorm, Strong Body.

If you and your roommates are having a cleaning day, try building a little more muscle in the process. Wear ankle weights while cleaning to boost your leg gains without leaving the dorm.  

Never Skip Laundry Day.

If you're waiting around anyway, you might as well break a sweat! Do squats while doing laundry to get a booty even Kim Kardashian would envy.