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Open Your Eyes, Domestic Violence Could be Happening Right in Front of You

Trying to juggle classes, extracurricular activities, and a social life can obviously be stressful and chaotic as a college student. Sometimes we forget what is actually going on in our family, friends, maybe even own life. Sometimes we don’t realize that our friend, parent, or roommate can be in a domestic violent relationship.


According to Google, the definition of domestic violence is “violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner”. This can mean physical, mental, or verbal abuse. In some situations, women in domestic violent relationships that deal with verbal and mental abuse don’t even realize they’re in a domestic violent relationship. They feel trapped or don’t realize that they’re in one because they are used to the abuse they receive. It becomes normal.


Domestic violence can be prevalent in family relationships and friendships as well. Have you ever had a friend that is maybe too brutally honest all of the time or always seems to cross a line? Well, you’re enduring a verbally abusive relationship. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website describes the victim as “literally may not be able to safely escape or protect those they love”. The people they tend to pick on are usually shy or quiet and can’t seem to defend themselves.


It seems like common sense but there are some women out there that really think the way that they’re being treated is right and it simply isn’t. If you think that getting constantly yelled at or shoved around is totally okay, you’re delusional. You shouldn’t be treated like that, no one should. As humans we have basic human rights, and trust me getting physically and verbally assaulted is most definitely not one of them.


For those out there who feel trapped or know that they need help, you can get it. You can escape. Do not let someone abuse your entire life and manipulate your happiness.



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Liz Nadolski

La Salle '21

Liz just recently graduated from La Salle University with a Bachelor in Science of Business Administration and a Minor in Communications concentrating on Marketing Research, Public Relations, and Social Media Strategy. Along with being the Captain of Division 1, La Salle Women's Water Polo team, she is currently interning at Crane Communications to broaden her professional horizons. In her career future, she hopes to work with a Marketing or Public Relations Agency for an established entertainment company with a focus on digital and social media.
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