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Whenever I make vain grasps at truth

It slips through my outstretched hand

Joining the ever-flowing stream of time 

Leaving me to blindly grope through the darkness

Searching for the smallest beam of light that is life

Where those with an iron hand

Who spout lies that they claim are absolute truth

Are unquestionably allowed to govern the world

And I question whether my entire life

Will be spent counting the time

Until we are overcome by the looming darkness

That leaves me to question whether life

Is merely a race against the sands of time

It is an all-encompassing darkness

One that draws curtains over the entire world

And there is no offer of a helping hand

No proffering of a morsel of truth

The future begins to look like an apocalyptic world

Void of all but a scant smattering of life

Destruction by the wrath of God’s mighty hand

Punishment for abandoning the truth

Cast into a pit of vast darkness

Until the end of time

And yet amidst the darkness

Hidden within that vast wasteland of a world

Lies one small glimmer of life

It becomes a race against the sands of time

To accept the often avoided blatant truth

That stretches down in the form of Heaven’s mighty hand

It is only now as I look back through the window of time

That I realize how thinly that darkness

Cast a shadow over the truth

How I refused to grasp the hand

That waved in my face, offering to whisk away the world

Is there no greater struggle than trying to live life?

It’s a strange truth that emerges with time

You can cradle the whole world in the palm of your hand

And still live a life laid waste by darkness

Sianna Swavely is a Cinema, Television, and Media Production and Professional Writing major, with a minor in Communication Studies. In her free time, she can be found video editing, playing the piano, or watching Youtube videos while pretending to study.
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