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I’m asked what it’s like being a youth of today

No idea what we’re fighting, but in the midst of the fray

We insist we’re okay, but there’s nothing to say

We’ve lost our way, can’t look past today

All that we know is that good never pays

Life’s unpredictable, death’s irresistible

My peers spewing lies that we’re all invincible 

Everything’s physical, nothing seems sensible

They tell me to stand straight, to just smile and accept it all

Foot’s on the gas pedal, can’t ever let it stall

‘Cause the moment I hesitate, I’m immediately questionable

Flying one moment, falling the next

Going too fast, leave me gasping for breath

Can’t help but regret it, so I search for an exit

Longed to greet death, but I don’t want to end it

But when I say I want off, my ride gets offended

Wrest control of the wheel till we come to a halt

So when chaos explodes, they agree it’s my fault

No matter how much I barter, they make me a martyr

Drag me down to the depths just to reach a bit farther

Leave me to rot, in a street not a grave

Claim I’m an enemy they should be praised to have slayed

So I look back at what’s left behind

As those who are left are fumbling blind

There must be some sensible mind, some being who’s kind

Searching for every scrap of good I can find

Led to new life crying, some already dying

Welcome, little ones, to the world of miserable mankind

Sianna Swavely is a Cinema, Television, and Media Production and Professional Writing major, with a minor in Communication Studies. In her free time, she can be found video editing, playing the piano, or watching Youtube videos while pretending to study.
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