Fuck You, Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey, 

You were once an idol of mine. From the first time I ever watched House of Cards, I fell in love with your acting. As evil and maniacal as your character Frank Underwood was, I always admired the ability you had to instill my many different reactions to your performance. You were an incredible actor, as horrible as that is to say now. You sure put on a fucking face.

I always suspected you were gay; it appeared to me as a more or less "open-secret" that to me looked as if you were a gay man living his life without letting anyone else interfere. You represented, at least in some way, a person similar to me succeeding in life. I'll be honest, I barely knew much about you, but what little I did know, I liked. 

Last month, all of my half-baked idolization and admiration went out the proverbial fucking window. As it turns out, you are a sexual abuser. You abused Anthony Rapp when he was 14, and since Rapp's brave act of revelation, countless others have come forward with stories of your depravity. I was hurt, but more than anything, I was angry and ashamed. I was ashamed because I hated that I could have ever thought highly of someone so evil. I was angry because you represented the very essence of hypocrisy with your fucking ridiculous response. 

You're no better than the evil mastermind you play on TV. 

With two short paragraphs, you proved that you were a manipulator who intended nothing but harm at the expense of those whom you assaulted and dehumanized. You tried to hide behind your sexuality because you thought that all of us were stupid enough to let you. You tried to write off what you did as something excusable because you were drunk and because you "chose" to be gay.  

Anthony Rapp didn't choose to be assaulted by you. The countless others who you harassed and groped did not choose to be victimized by you. You didn't choose to be gay either, but you did choose to be a sexual abuser. You chose to ignore the humanity of those you abused, and you chose to brush it off. You chose to be a depraved, evil human being, Mr. Spacey. Go to hell.