Brendon Urie's 5 Best Moments from the Me! Music Video

Brendon Urie is Panic! at the Disco’s frontman, and only original member still in the band. He’s also become a pop star, moving far away from his emo roots. Regardless of which era of Panic! music you prefer, Brendon’s personality and vocal range continue to captivate fans. This includes his collaboration single with Taylor Swift, "Me!" The music video is colorful, bizarre, and a lot of fun to watch. Here are his top 5 moments from the "Me!" video.

  1. 1. When He Gifted Taylor Swift a Cat

    As a cat lover, nothing warms my heart more than the idea of receiving a cat as a declaration of love—guys, take note!

  2. 2. When Brendon and Taylor did the Twist, in Matching Outfits

    This moment was couple goals. In the music video, Brendon and Taylor play a disgruntled couple, and this moment is the culmination of all my ex-theater-kid dreams.

  3. 3. Brendon's Disney-style entrance

    Brendon enters the music video in full Mary Poppions style. I couldn’t stop laughing at this, especially after the Mary Poppins reference in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

  4. 4. When He Spent an Entire Minute Cuddling a Puppy

    I, like most people, adore teeny-tiny animals, and that only makes this part of the video cuter.

  5. 5. When He Made this Face and Expressed the Ultimate Big Mood

    Although this is his reaction to a not-calm Taylor insisting she is calm, this single expression might be the biggest mood of 2019. It applies to so many moods. Life sucks? Works. Started a test and don’t recognize anything? Works. Your ex keeps messaging you as if you care? Works!