Why "How I Met Your Mother" is a Treasure

I’ll tell it to you straight up -- How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show. There, I said it. It’s genius. This show has it all: amazing cast, distinct characterizations, humor, clever plot structure, and it actually addresses some pretty relevant struggles. It’s a masterpiece, a treasure.

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First and foremost, HIMYM addresses relationships. Our main character, Ted Mosby, is a trainwreck when it comes to women. If you haven’t seen the show yet, get ready to want to throttle Ted over his choices. Ted is a hopeless romantic, occasionally emphasizing the hopeless, and falls head over heels in 0.0834 seconds flat. He is hung up and dead set getting married, having kids, and settling down. There are amazing couples modeled such as Marshall and Lily, and not-so-good (bad) relationships like Robin and Barney -- which is a hot take for some, I know. You get to see all sorts of relationship dynamics in an entertaining space. Neat! Romance aside -- you get to see the lengths that friends will go through to support each other, and that shit warms my cold, cold heart.

Relationship dynamics spread to family, too! HIMYM addresses loss, parental divorce, parental re-marriage, absent family members, protecting siblings, and about a million others. In those moments of difficulty, we are also seeing families mending and showing strong, solid family values. God this show is so good. 

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So, we’re all in college. College is hard. Like, really hard. You may not be super sure what’s going on, what you’re doing, or how you got here. HIMYM addresses career insecurity! How validating is that! Lily and Marshall both experience career uncertainty and insecurity. Lily went to college for art, and is now a kindergarten teacher and often feels that she has let her past self down and art is her real passion. Marshall went to law school in anticipation of being an environmental lawyer, but once he makes it into the workforce he gets bogged down by the corporate world. This is real stuff that we don’t see in media often enough.

I could go on. If you haven’t watched How I Met Your Mother, I can’t recommend it enough. It is hilarious, it is important, it is beautifully crafted. Events and jokes from season two pop up again in season eight. Unfortunately, HIMYM got chopped from Netflix (a devastating blow), but it remains on Hulu (hallelujah). 

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Give it a shot, watch a couple of episodes, and fall in love with their little family.