My Favorite Plus-Size Friendly Stores

If you’re a plus-sized woman in 2018, you know that shopping is hard. Like, really hard. Luckily, stores are popping up all over the place to support bigger women! Though extensive plus sized shopping is still mostly online, there have been major leaps forward in inclusive fashion.

Without further ado, here are my favorite places to shop for clothes as a size 22 woman (in no particular order)!

***Disclaimer: Remember, stores don’t utilize consistent sizing charts! Your size in one store may not be the same in another, and that is okay! Just find out what fits you best in each store.



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ASOS is a one stop shop for cute, fun, and trendy clothes that won’t break the bank. You want a sophisticated look? Check. Edgy? Check. Librarian chic? Check. From basics to ballgowns, ASOS definitely has you covered.

Size range: 00-26



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Hear me out. Obviously, Target is the motherland for pretty much everything. That includes clothes! I have found some of my favorite clothes that were reasonably priced and well-made right at my local Target. Not to mention their *incredible* clearance racks. Whip out your RedCard, and there's 5% off right there!

Size Range: XS-4XL



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If you need business-y or professional clothes, Dressbarn is a pretty safe bet (my favorite blazer is from here). From casual to cocktail, from pantsuits to denim, Dressbarn has a wide selection for plus sized women’s more ~sophisticated~ fashion needs.

Size Range: 2-24


Swimsuits For All

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I LOVE Swimsuits For All. They have covered their bases with sport suits, bikinis, tankinis, and one-pieces, in addition to super cute cover-ups and swim dresses.

Size Range: 4-26



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Torrid is truly a staple for any plus-sized woman. They truly have everything - it’s like Candy Land, but instead of candy, it’s really cute, affordable clothing and accessories. What’s not to love? Their size selection is the biggest yet for plus-sized people, and with over 400 stores in 36 states, you’re likely to find exactly what you need.

Size Range: 10-30



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As one of the more spendy stores on this list, Eloquii has a more grown-up vibe to it. There are plenty of gems in their selection for whatever occasion you’re looking for. Their website is also super easy to navigate, which is a major plus.

Size Range: 14-28



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A staple in vintage fashion! Modcloth allows people to dress in cute, quirky, and vintage styles from their massive clothing selection. Modcloth tends to lean toward the expensive side of life, but you can easily find reasonably priced items. My junior homecoming and prom dresses came from Modcloth, and I was obsessed with them!

Size Range: XXS-4XL


Lane Bryant

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This is one store that’s definitely for big kids with big girl jobs. However, that doesn’t mean Lane Bryant is disconnected from current trends and seriously cute clothing - college students just aren’t their target demographic. Don’t let that spook you! My favorite bra AND my favorite skirt are both from Lane Bryant, you just need to know where to look!

Size Range: 14-28