JB Miller '16

Name: JB Miller

Major: Liberal arts, minor in African-American studies

Born: Oklahoma City

Hails from: Overland Park

Instagram: @Been_Shill

Favorite snack: Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its

Album you've been listening to the most lately: Shadow of a Doubt, Freddie Gibbs

Last thing you watched on Netflix: Love & The X-Files

Last time you cried and why: I was at a 5-hour long experimental ambient electronic showcase, drained, because it was a 5-hour long experimental ambient electronic showcase. Got home, my girlfriend helped me into bed, took off my jacket and asked, "Why do you have so many stickers in your pocket?" and I tucked my face into my neck, and in a whimpery voice said, "I don't know," and started crying.

Dream date: Get a Slushie somewhere and sit on a curb with my date

Celebrity crush: Gwen Stefani

Favorite KU sports memory: Maybe Chalmers '08, or the last time we played Mizzou in the Fieldhouse

Three sites you spend the most time on: Facebook, Noisey and Complex

Biggest pet peeve: Social media stunting

Favorite thing in your closet: My 2015 Damian Lillard All-Star jersey

Favorite rappers right now: A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Travis Scott

Pizza Shuttle or Pyramid: That's tough. The go-to is Shuttle out of accessibility, but Pyramid is better.