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Getting the Abs of Your Dreams with Three Easy Routines

Do you want abs that look absolutely amazing? Well here are three easy routines that can help you achieve just that.

1. V-Sit Pull Back

This is a simple exercise which requires you to be in a crunch position (sitting with your knees bent). You will have to keep your neck up but it must be relaxed and then slowly you will use your arms to hit out into the air as you remain in your crunch position. You can switch sides if you like.

2. Planks

Get into a side plank position. Be sure to have a firm grip and begin to have the one arm that is not touching the floor go out and in, at the same time the leg that is not supporting follows the same order.

3. Crunches

I am a huge fan of these crunches because it makes you feel powerful and is alot more stress releiving because you can punch. Lay doen on the ground with both legs straight not touching one another. As you rise up make sure the have you neck fully supported and to not add to much strain upon it. As you rise you will be alternating with both arms but only punching with one.

These three simple ab routines will help you shape the abs of your dreams. Remember that with any form of excercise it is important to eat well and drink plenty of water to gain the results that one desires. Remember it may look diffucult but with dedication everything is possible, what was once hard will become easy and soon all these exercises will simply be a walk in the park.

Gifs provided by Giphy and Photo Provided by Tumblr

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