"Are You Still Texting B*tches?" Rob and Chyna Ep. 1&2: Recap and Predictions

Episode 1

“Are you still texting bitches? “

Many know the Kardashians Clan from their hit TV Show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Finally, the time has come for the hit trio’s baby brother Robert Kardashian to star in his own reality tv show. His leading lady? Pregnant Blac Chyna a.k.a. Tyga’s baby mama and ex-fiancé. Why is this relevant? Because Blac Chyna used to be buddy buddy with Kim Kardashian when she dated Tyga. Who’s Tyga’s main chick now? Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian little sister. Does anybody smell drama?

The episode starts off with their gender predictions and how they met. Rob talks about how Chyna helped him get out of his homebody state. Soon, they move onto introductions of Blac Chyna’s friends. The show focuses on Rob’s relationship with his mother. The so-called mammas are "too dependent" on his mom, Chyna and her friends feel.

Later it is revealed that Rob has diabetes and has not been taking his insulin, which worries Scott (Baby daddy to Kourtney Kardashian). Scott and Rob talk potential baby names and his reasoning for why he wants a son. Rob’s explanation is that he wants to have the same relationship with his son that he had with his dad.  Finally, the time has come! Gender Reveal! Drum Roll, please! Rob and Blac Chyna are having a girl. Rob spills the beans to his mom, which annoys Chyna because he broke their pact.

Their bliss is short-lived once Rob accuses Chyna of cheating. Chyna shoots back with an accusation that he's the one cheating! Her reasoning is that Rob is too paranoid. In reality, Rob confesses that he's insecure because he has been cheated on. Interesting, because Rob actually cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon. Funny how karma works out. Chyna angrily FaceTimes Rob in the car asking him if he is "still texting bitches." Rob attempts to make up with Chyna by bringing flowers. Chyna throws them away and kicks teary eyed Rob out. Nanna Joy ( the voice of reason) confronts Chyna on her routine habitat of kicking him out and they have a heart to heart. Rob goes AWOL on Chyna. A worried Chyna breaks into his house to see if he’s home. Chyna then goes to Kris Jenner’s house for advice about she and Rob's relationship. Kris then talks to Rob about hashing things out with Chyna. The episode ends with Rob admitting that he needs to focus on himself at the moment. 

Overall thoughts: Chyna needs to be kinder to Rob, knowing that he has self-esteem issues. Rob needs to exercise and take better care of himself. Both of them need to respect each other, as well as work on their trust issues. 

Predictions: For the next episode, my best guess is that they will make up temporarily. I am a true romantic at heart, but this whole relationship sounds shady and is already off to a rough start.

Episode 2 :

I was shocked. I thought with Chyna's larger than life attitude, there would be more drama the second episode. I guess they saved it for next week. This episode showcased Rob and Chyna's body insecurities and how they need to overcome them. Rob's is his weight, Chyna's is her booty. Chyna went to Cannes for an event and Rob bailed last minute after a fail with the stylist, who I thought was snarky.  Chyna was upset at first but, Paige got her to realize Robs POV. That he is still struggling and he wouldn't be comfortable in front of the paparazzi. Thanks, Paige, way to not be a yes man! Rob also builds a rocker for their baby. This step signified that Rob is taking a stand in his life.  Chyna was pleased by this step as well. Both made up for last week as well.  For now, it looks like are love birds are ok.  

Predictions: Rob meets Tokio Toni! Aka Chyna's mom. Toni also meets Chyna's half-siblings for the first. Her dad has 10 kids. And Toni is not pleased to find out that  Chyna and her sister Brittany are the same age. I smell a major breakdown. I think Toni will love and accept Rob. I don't think there will be any son-in-law mom in law drama just yet.