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The Only Make Up Tutorial You Need

Here’s quick make up tutorial to become the most beautiful version of yourself:

Step 1- Skin care

Take a generous amount of cleansing foam to unearth the dirty pores of beauty stereotypes that veil your individuality. Throw on a dollop of moisturizer to sooth your judgemental layer of skin which is a result of unaccounted conscience of a biased skin type. Acne scarred, pimpled, dry or oily – own it. Don’t feel ashamed of it.

Step 2- SPF and foundation

Choose a foundation which correctly fits your skin tone. Using another shade directly calls out your insecurities. Every skin shade is beautiful. Embrace it. Spread a thin layer of sunscreen which will give you the confidence to battle the harmful daggers of unsolicited opinions on what your ideal skin colour should be.

Step 3- Concealer

Who said that blatant blemishes are bound to be blurred? Use a squirt of concealer to conceal the idea of a utopic world and its unreasonable beauty standards. Don’t mask those dark circles- they remind you of your hard work and grind. Those age spots? I think they are a proud representation of your life experiences.

Step 4- Highlighter, Bronzer and Blush

Empty some highlighter and apply it on those people who deserve to shine through life. Be a source of light to uplift and highlight others, by simply being non-judgemental of their notions of beauty. Use a bronzer stick as a symbol of normalizing all facial structures. Sprinkle some blush to remind yourself to eat healthy and be rosy from the inside.

Step 5- Eyes and Lips

Use a generous amount of mascara and eyeliner to enlarge your eyes and perceptions alike, of what beauty really is. Be open to looking at and respecting different people for who they are. Finish off your look with some lip gloss, so you can kiss goodbye to your old stereotypical mindset. Beauty can become the beast, but if you manage to fight the beast, then true beauty starts radiating from within. Don’t judge people for their makeup choices. Wear it if it empowers you, don’t if it doesn’t feel like you – you’re beautiful either ways!

Hey! I'm Antara and I'm from Mumbai. My preferred pronouns are she/her. I'm an ardent lover of acting, dramas and food. I love traveling and meeting new people. You can talk to me about the most random things- relationships, fitness, TV shows, deep philosophical conversations and more. Writing, for me, is an avenue of self expression and reflection.
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