Our Mission

Dear readers,

This year, we are excited to announce that Her Campus Kenyon is under new leadership: after writing for HCK for two years, we are taking over as presidents, Campus Correspondents, Editors-in-Chief, and anything else you would like to call us. Since we’re new to this role, we want to take a moment to tell you what we’re all about.

Her Campus Kenyon is a Pink Level chapter, which means we are among the most frequently updated, read, and shared HC pages across the globe. This means a lot to us. However, it’s not about the clicks. As a writer-oriented publication, our mission is to empower writers and readers. HCK was founded on the premise that all voices deserve to be heard, especially students that might not otherwise have the chance to do so. This includes voices of female, male, and non-binary writers. We hope that everyone can enjoy (and if you want to, contribute to) our publication. We’re pretty into self-expression of all forms, whether that means writing an article about your political beliefs or making fun quizzes. However, we want you to know that the opinions shared in the articles that we publish reflect the individual writer and not the organization as a whole: HCK is apolitical and areligious. We are race and gender-inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly. We seek to make all of our writers and readers feel empowered by our publication.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. We’re always eager to chat.

Thank you for your reads, shares, and general support.

~Hannah Anain and Jenna Bouquot, Class of 2019

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