Eve Bromberg, LBJ Enthusiast and Philosophy Extraordinaire

Name: Eve Bromberg

Year: 2019

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major/Minor: Philosophy

Campus Involvement: Kenyon College Observer, Kenyon Philosophy Symposium, Orientation Leader, student intern at the President’s Office.

We've been seeing you all over the place, Eve! How is philosophy symposium this semester?

Well, it’s sort of in a renaissance stage. The symposium was previously quite a low key (cough, unknown) endeavor at Kenyon, mostly responsible for organizing speakers. We’ve decided that it should instead be a group for the purpose of students who like philosophy, and like to discuss philosophy outside of the classroom! We’re hoping to organize a trip to the OSU Modern Philosophy conference in mid-October. As for the rest of semester, we’re hoping to have a few movies screenings (there are a lot of philosophy films out there), as well as a few excursions to Columbus. There’s a Buddhist Temple in Columbus that our advisor (Professor Joel Richeimer) wants us to visit. So all and all, there’s a lot of stuff in the works.


What's it like being a philosophy major? How'd you decide on philosophy?

I came in thinking I wanted to be Political Science. It’s seemed like such a powerful major! You study government, and then you’ll become a part of the government! But, and I mean this with no disrespect to the wonderful faculty and hardworking students of the department, I wasn’t gripped any of the Poly Sci courses I took. Freshman year I took Introduction to Philosophy, because I needed another class, and perhaps this is more a testament to the professor, but, every class was notable. Philosophy keeps me on my toes! You can’t ever get too comfortable on the ground you’re standing on (it may not even be there!). This often means into you’re fully convinced that the person you’re reading at current, but I like that Philosophy is a continuous conversation—in our readings, it often feels like the author is speaking to you! The Philosophy department is also such a wonderful atmosphere. It’s sort of cultish family. We all love what we study, and we love our professors, and want to know more about what they know about Philosophy. Every Thursday I go to Philosophy table and anxiously awaiting to hear about my professors’ lives.


That makes sense. You're an Orientation Leader, too! How has that been? What are your thoughts on the new system?

Being an OL was totally stressful, and totally fun. It fulfilled my desire of camp counseloring that I didn’t even know I had! I also have become great friends with my OL partner, and that has been great. We had so much fun working together—I’m glad we’ve been able to continue being buds! I found the entire process to be really rewarding. You not only get to help, but see the fruits of your labor, while also becoming friends with the incoming students. I am also glad that I’m a person on campus they can come to and ask questions, and if I don’t know the question about a certain department or professor, I can put them in touch with a friend who does. It not only makes you feel useful, and so hands on! As for the new system, I was never a UCC, but I think it’s solid. It is more work for the OLs, the number of students we’re in charge of doubled, but the incoming students having access to two faculty members is really good. They get to see the variety on Kenyon’s campus, and they get to meet twice as many of their classmates!


And we won't be seeing you next semester, because you're headed to Paris! How did you choose Paris?

Truth be told, I couldn’t think of anywhere else I wanted to go! For a long time, I was in denial about wanting to go to Paris, because it’s been done, so I would say I was going to an area of France in close proximity to Paris—this rationalizing brought to head the fact that I really just wanted to be in Paris, so I bit the bulle! There’s a reason it’s such a popular destination. Even as a New Yorker, I think Paris is the best city in the world. My uncle also used to live there, so I’ve been, but I’m really excited to be able to be there for a few months, pick up some French slang, and pretend to be a local. Also sartorially, I feel I’m in for a treat… (see Jeanne Dumas, Camille Charrière, Caroline De Maigret, and Sabina Socol)!

That's great. What advice would you offer to first-years (such as your OLers!) trying to decide what to study, and whether or not they should study abroad?

Studying abroad is a contentious topic. There’s no right answer, you have to do what’s best for you. I don’t think I would’ve felt I got the full Kenyon experience if I didn’t go abroad (I realize that’s a bit strange because within my time at Kenyon there will be time I am not at Kenyon), but also going away for a semester is a bigger deal in practice than you think, and I’m going to miss a lot of stuff by not being here! So that’s my advice. Everyone should consider the option, but ultimately the decision rests in how comfortable you’ll feel being away. Some people can’t make it work based on their number of majors, or simply will miss Kenyon too much. That is all quite valid. Do what you want and feel great about it! If you decide to go abroad, where you go is the fun part. “Lean in” to this decision making process—you can’t make a wrong choice!


Well, you certainly are a busy lady. What do you do when you get the chance to breath?

I try to keep a balanced life. I use the KAC as a respite from schoolwork—supposedly working out is good for your memory! Someone just told me that, don’t’ quote me on it. I also like to go to plays on campus, and Cinearts screenings, and lectures. Going to SouthSide Diner or Early Bird Breakfast with friends is always a treat, and on super special occasions we go into Columbus! I’m going to a Regina Spektor concert in Cincinnati in a few weeks with friends—that’ll be great! Trivia at the VI is also fun. I also like watching movies, listening to the podcast (I really like The Daily, NPR Ted Talks, and Garance Doré’s “Pardon my French”), and listening to music. I also run a FINSTA, a “Fashion Insta,” where I post pictures of outfits I wear and add snappy commentary. I can’t believe I’m disclosing this to the public, but it’s called @brombergdefined, check it out!!


Thank you, Eve! We’ll see you on Middle Path.


Image Credit: Interviewee’s Own