Springtime Air Means New Hair: Bangs!

Springtime is in the air which means new hair! Bangs are all the rage right now; however, they can be daunting due to lack of style knowledge. Do not fear, I am going to walk you through how to find the right bangs for you. To start off this journey, inspiration is key. Navigate Pinterest, flip through magazines or take pictures of cute hair while out and about. A picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs resonate better with your hairdresser. I suggest bringing multiple images, so your stylist knows exactly what you want. Be open to suggestions though because it is important to consider hair texture and face shape when making the chop (curly girls can get bangs too!) With that being said, I am all for breaking the rules, so do not take this task too seriously. It is just hair after all! It will grow back. 

Inspiration  (click on the image to find it via Pinterest) 

Old School Bangs 




New Wave Bangs 






Thinner Hair 

  • Baby Bangs
  • Whispy Bangs (graze your eyebrows)  
  • Tapered bangs (longer on the edges) 

Thicker Hair 

  • Baby Bangs 
  • Curtain Bangs 
  • Side Swept Bangs 
  • Fuller Bangs (still keep them thinned out, but you have the texture to pull of this look!) 

Your Style Arsenal    

  • Mini straightener (I like Amika's, which is pictured below)

I can personally vouch for this hot tool! It is affordable ($40.00) and comes with a travel pouch too! You never know when you will need a touch-up! 

  • Flexible, touchable hairspray (full size and mini for on the go)  

  • Round brush  
  • Comb (while hair is wet for sure; can also be used to tame dry hair too)
  • Bobby pins (just in case you get annoyed midday or if humidity strikes)     
  • A lightweight hair cream to texturize bangs or add to the ends for a piece-y look 

This could become your signature look or maybe you will grow them out; however, it is always fun to switch it up with the arrival of springtime showers and flowers. Another plus is less eyebrow maintenance and the ability to wear minimal makeup since bangs make such a statement.