The evolution of chokers

Everywhere you turn, someone is either wearing a choker, buying a choker or looking at chokers in a store. They are the latest craze and I am sure that a lot of people have been reminiscing about the chokers they wore back in elementary school.  Choker necklaces did not emerge in the 90s like it appears.  They have been around for a long time!

Ancient Egypt: Chokers can date back to thousands of years ago to the ancient Egypt time, specifically during the Sumer empire.  These necklaces were often paired with other jewelry items and gave off an air of power as well as protection.  They were often beaded.

The Renaissance: The choker was once again popularized by the end of the nineteenth century due to Alexandra of Denmark, or the Princess of Wales.  She had a large following in her fashion trends.  There is also a rumor that the reason the Princess wore chokers was because of a scar on her neck.  Because of Alexandra’s high status and wealth, the type of chokers prevalent in this time period were adorned with jewels and often dangled down the neck.

Nineties….to now: In the 90s, the choker finally came back in the form of “tattoo” chokers and “dog collars.” Now, chokers are back and come in many different forms, incorporating a lot of different trends within this new one.  The most popular are simple, velvet chokers or the bolo-style necklace that ties at the neck in a bow or knot.  There are also Victorian inspired jeweled chokers available as well.